Reflection of Sunrise on Gorofi Mountains- Collingwood Bay (Photo by Eric Wakker

This is my Collingwood Bay!

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Government our protector? Our worst enemy! They facilite the theft of my land. I reach out for pen and tell them they stole my land. They are quick to say I am a lier! I am compeled to reach out for my spear to show them I am no lier. My ancestor’s blood nourishes my food gardens and the trees that provide food and shelter for wild animals that provide for me protein and yet I am called a lier. How dare one who is supposed to protect me aids a thief to take my land and than calls me a lier! The thief tramples my customary taboo that maintained law and order since my first breath. The taboo that stood gurad over my son’sland since my father handed down to me from his father. I feel the pain of being decieved by one who is supposed to protect me. I try to reach for my spear once more to settle the score that I am not a lier. The land I fight for must be my son’s like my father protected for me what his father and their fathers before them did. I should rightly kill the thief but I put down the spear and be more skillful with the pen! With my pen I call my allies across oceans, who pick up their pens to aid fight my fight. Across the seas my brothers and sisters fight my fight and the fight will go on. Though many battles we won together, always before we let out the deep breath we took for a sigh of relief comes another enemy. When we look past the enemy who do we see but the government! The government our protector? Sadly our worst enemy!